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VIVAA offers physician supervised weight loss and wellness program. We can help all those who are struggling to lose the extra pounds. We understand it’s hard to get rid of the excess weight and here at VIVAA you will have access to your coach to get through your process of weight loss and get you on road to wellness.

We all know how being overweight is a big stress on our body. Loosing that excess weight will help control the blood pressure, diabetes, fatty liver disease, cholesterol levels and is overall good for the joints. Studies have shown the need for blood pressure medications is lowered, the HBA1c levels are better controlled and cholesterol levels improve even without medications after losing the excess weight. This all eventually translates into a good cardiovascular health and improves long term survival.

During your first visit, you will have one-on-one discussion with your coach and the diet plan will be formatted exclusively for you. If there are any medical issues that need to be addressed, you will have access to board certified MD (physician) on site. Also during the first visit we will be doing a detailed composition evaluation of your body and can even provide you with your metabolic age.

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There will be weekly visits with the coach and at each one of those visits the body composition will be analyzed again in order to know the progress and to see if any changes to the ongoing plan need to be made.

Our goal here is to help you lose the weight and then more importantly educate and train you to keep that weight off your body. There are several weight loss programs that will help you lose the weight but there is no plan for long term success and we at VIVAA strongly believe in long term success.

Please call us at 425-250-9999 if you are interested in getting on track to wellness.

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This is one of the best things I have done for myself. Suzanne is wonderful! Answers all of my questions, is professional and personable. The results are amazing. I highly recommend seeing her for laser hair removal.
~ Amanda L.

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